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Dario Cotroneo
Founder of DCI Education

Dario Cotroneo is a global hairdresser, educator and owner of multi award-winning education company, DCI Education. Dario teaches the fundamentals of techniques and demonstrates when to use them, how to use them and why to use them. Known for his exceptional cutting skills and street-based creativity, Dario creates strong, cutting-edge fashion looks whilst retaining beauty, sensitivity and harmony. He has developed a very unique and holistic approach to hairdressing education resulting in exciting ways to learn and enjoy.

To keep inspired and ahead of the trends, Dario also owns his own salon in Sydney and has filled the past 29 years styling high-fashion editorial, working with celebrity and media clientele and cementing his reputation as an industry leader.

Lisa Conway
Founder of the ZING Project

Lisa Conway is the Founder of The ZING Project, an industry-leading Salon Coaching business based in Australia, with clients through Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Lisa has written three books, and speaks, coaches & writes the same way she approaches life - unfiltered and straight from the heart with passion, humour and a true belief that people hold the secrets to success within themselves. With 10 years of establishing and building ZING behind her, she now heads a team of industry-specific business coaches who know the business inside-out. The ZING Project only works with those within the hair and beauty industry.

Julie Gillespie
Mental Health Consultant & Facilitator

Julie Gillespie is a highly respected consultant, facilitator, and speaker with over 25 years of leadership experience across various sectors. As a mental health advocate and leadership expert, she is passionate about creating healthy, connected, and safe workplaces.Through her work, Julie sets clear rules of engagement, challenging audiences to overcome their fears and become compassionate leaders. She has delivered mental health and wellbeing training in workplaces and understands that it takes more than a brief intervention to grow and strengthen a connected culture.

Julie believes that a connected culture is achieved when individuals take ownership of their development, leaders lead with intention, and organisations enable their people to align their mutual purpose. Her philosophy is that a culture where every person feels accepted, valued, and included creates a space where individuals can learn, grow, and sustain themselves.