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Shakira Jade
CPR Business Coach

Shakira Jade is a Business Coach with a passion for helping women blaze their own trail in business, focusing on building a successful stree-free salon business with her proven frameworks. Shakira is the Founder of three salon locations of her brand Hair Candy Australia, and also is the host of chart topping podcast, The Success Club. Shakira has now aligned with The Circle as a Business Coach, hosting education tailored to CPR salons who wish to grow their salon brand through systemisation and processes.

Jacqui Cubitt
CPR Colour Specialist

Jacqui is the owner of Hey Honey Hair, a warm, welcoming salon environment for women of the Gold Coast. Her specialty lies in natural, lived in looks. Jacqui is passionate about using best haircare practices to ensure that the health of the hair is retained at each step of the journey and this is what aligns her to using CPR colour. Jacqui is a campaign stylist and educator, teaching the CPR community her natural, lived in techniques through the Balayage and Signature Blonde Masterclasses.  

Stevi Stilist
CPR Cutting Specialist

Stevi Stilist is an inspiring educator enhancing the abilities and techniques of the next generation with compassion and empowerment. Stevi’s brand came unintentionally through her passion to create. Stevi settled into Newcastle where she started her journey as a mentor and educator. Through personalised guided education programs, Stevi takes a gentle approach to understand each mentee individually, using a combination of visual and hands on learning. Stevi will work one on one to adapt new methods and techniques that result in confident srylists with the power to satisfy their clientele.Stevi’s Motto is to gain and give back, to empower and enhance and to never stop learning.

Paul James Graham
CPR Campaign Stylist

Paul James Graham, a highly acclaimed stylist with an extensive list of accolades, has already left an indelible mark on the hair and fashion world. Working with renowned fashion designers and featured in esteemed publications, Paul's unique and creative aesthetic has earned him numerous awards, such as being a three-time finalist in the 2022 AHIA Awards and winning the Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year at the 2021 Australian Hairdressing Industry Awards, among others.

Chloe Taylor
CPR Colour Specialist | 2023 Mane Event Winner

Chloe Taylor is the Founder of Loe Hair, situated by the serene shores of Nelson Bay. Chloe specialises in her signature lived-in, natural blondes, but also extends to her love for creating a fiery, vibrant copper for her daring clients. Chloe's recent journey in the hairdressing world has been nothing short of remarkable, and her success as The Mane Event 2023 winner solidifies her status and talent in the industry. The coveted title was crowned on the evening of CPR’s 60 Year celebration in 2023, showcasing her winning entry image’s creativity with an edgy yet effortless style image – an incredible achievement amongst over 120 entry images.

Victoria Mousset
CPR Content Specialist

Victoria Mousset is the Founder of Newcastle based, Chilli the Salon. With a strong digital presence as a content creator, Victoria has become a source of guidance and inspiration for many hair professionals, particularly apprentices and individuals embarking on their hair journey. Her ability to instil confidence in others and share her expertise has propelled her into the realm of virality numerous times, establishing her as a prominent figure in the hair industry.

Katy Walker
CPR Colour Specialist

Katy Walker is the Founder of Katy and Co Hair, a warm, welcoming Sydney salon celebrated for its infusion of creativity, passion and love. With an extensive career spanning over 14 years, Katy has established herself as a colour specialist, showcasing a profound expertise in creating lived-in blondes, balayage, and warm coppers. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for her team is evident in the growth of the salon, which recently marked its fifth anniversary. Katy's nurturing approach towards team growth has awarded her team member Apprentice of the Year —a testament to her unwavering dedication to excellence in the industry.

Georgie Johnson
CPR Styling Specialst

Georgie Johnson is a seasoned stylist and educator specialising in editorial and bridal styling. With a lifelong passion in the space, she has honed her skills to become a highly sought-after expert in event hair and makeup, and hair education. As a CPR ambassador, she aims to focus on building up the next generation of hairstylists from apprentices to young emerging stylists wanting to learn the craft of styling hair and to build confidence in their career.

Trent Towers
CPR Campaign Stylist

With 30+ years of experience in hairdressing, has traveled the world, training with award-winning stylists, styling for high-end models and TV shows, and winning global hair competitions. Settling in Newcastle, he opened Fringed salon in Taree a decade ago. As a styling master, he has collaborated with the CPR creative team on multiple successful campaigns.